Is there a limit to the volume or dollar amount of transactions a Chapter can have in any month?2023-05-27T12:52:03+00:00


Does MyChapterSite also provide receipts for payments?2023-05-27T12:51:40+00:00

Yes.  For each transaction made through the website, an automatic receipt of payment is provided by email to the payee.  Receipts are also always accessible to financial officers through the Stripe Dashboard.

Can MyChapterSite help with financial recording and reporting?2023-05-27T12:51:16+00:00

Yes. MyChapterSite keeps a simultaneous and accurate record of all financial transactions through the website which is always accessible and can be downloaded by Chapter Financial Officers for internal and external reporting and auditing purposes. 

What type of payments are accepted by MyChaptersite.com?2023-05-27T12:50:51+00:00

MyChapterSite accepts all major forms of credit card payment, Google Pay, Apple Wallet, ACH and is compatible with most banks and credit unions.

How long do payouts take?2023-05-27T12:50:26+00:00

Payouts are made directly into the chapter’s designated bank account on a 2-day, weekly or monthly rolling basis.

Will the Chapter be charged tax?2023-05-27T12:49:51+00:00

Sales tax is charged by Stripe based on your chapter’s legal entity address, relevant state and local taxes, and applicable tax rates.

Are there additional costs associated with MyChapterSite’s payment invoicing and processing features?2023-05-27T12:49:24+00:00

MyChapterSite offers monthly subscription options for payment invoicing and processing features. Chapters pay monthly for these features based upon their subscription tier and do not incur any direct transactional fees from MyChapterSite for these features.  Chapters are able to build invoices to include credit card transaction fees to be paid by the payee.

Are the payment transactions made through MyChapterSite secure?2023-05-27T12:48:55+00:00

Yes. Payments made through MyChapterSite are secured using the Stripe payment processing platform, an established internationally recognized payment solution used by businesses and nonprofits. 

What payment features are available through MyChapterSite?2023-05-27T12:47:58+00:00

MyChapterSite offers options to allow your chapter to accept payments from members and the community for recurring items such as dues or assessments and one-time event ticket sales and donations.  Chapter financial officers are also able to make electronic payments to vendors and reimburse members directly through the website using a customized officer approval process.

Why should we use MyChapterSite?2022-07-06T22:34:47+00:00

Not only do we make it easy for you to create your chapter website, we will also ensure your compliance with local, regional or statewide organizational goals. Our software is cost-effective, secure and very easy to use. We also offer free tech support via phone or email.

How do I contact a live person?2022-04-25T18:43:06+00:00

We are available by chat, email and phone.  We are here and happy to answer questions or provide support. Give us a call: (877) 338-1110.

If we sign, how long are we locked into our contract/subscription?2022-07-06T02:20:53+00:00

The service is offered month to month and you may cancel your subscription at any time.

Is my content customizable?2022-07-06T02:20:07+00:00

Yes! You can create pages based on your specific site requirements and upload content that is unique to your chapter’s needs.

Can I pick a design for my site?2022-04-25T18:41:06+00:00

Yes!  You can select a theme for your site.  We’ll be adding more themes periodically to provide you with the most customized experience.

How secure are my site and my documents?2022-04-25T18:40:46+00:00

We use industry standard encryption (SSL) for your site and your documents.  Your data is secure and we never share your information.

Who will be hosting our new site?2022-07-06T02:25:08+00:00

You subscription includes secure hosting on the MyChapterSite.com servers.

Who owns the domain name?2022-07-06T15:03:23+00:00

You do! When you register for the service, you’ll be able to create a free subdomain for your site (example: yourchaptername.mychaptersite.app) This can be used for your public site. If you prefer, you can use a domain name you already own or register a new domain name. Just contact us and we’ll be happy to help you point that domain to your new site.

How quickly will my site be live?2022-04-25T18:39:45+00:00

Your site can be set up in the same day. Simply sign up, select a template, add content and launch!

What kind of support is offered once we sign up?2022-04-25T18:39:23+00:00

Chat, email and phone!  Let us know how we can help!

My team isn’t technical – do we need to be developers to maintain the site once it’s launched?2022-04-25T18:39:03+00:00

Nope!  The service is designed so you can easily create, update and manage your site and documents without any programming at all.  And, if you need help, we are a chat or phone call away!

Are there limits to how many documents we can upload or the size of those documents?2022-07-06T15:03:57+00:00

Nope! You can upload all the documents you need to create your site. No file size or volume restrictions.

Do we get email accounts with our site?2022-04-25T18:37:57+00:00

We can redirect any forms on your site to emails that you designate.  If you need an email account for your site, please contact us and we will assist you in setting up an email if you have a current website and domain name or provide additional options.

How much does the service cost?2022-07-06T02:21:40+00:00

There are no up-front development costs or set-up fees. Our service is subscription-based and will be tiered to provide options. The base price is $125/ per month and includes unlimited support during start up.

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